Home Solutions by FloorExpo is a network of the country’s largest and finest single-family flooring contractors. If you’re a builder, you should know that our Members are independent entrepreneurs who provide America’s single-family builders and home owners with superior installation service, the highest-quality flooring products, and the kind of know-how only real experts can provide. In other words, we’ve got flooring down.

Home Solutions Members’ customers, such as you, benefit from the training, state-of-the-art business programs and support, national purchasing programs, and world-class marketing services our Members have access to as a result of their affiliation with this organization.

We opened our doors in the fall of 1999, and today, Home Solutions represents Members in more than 205 locations that combined exceed annual sales of approximately $2.3 billion.

Our Key Values

Our Members all have a shared vision and strategy that encompass these key values:

  • listen first, think second, act last
  • inspect your expectations
  • leadership is action, not position
  • think of innovative ways to solve problems
  • win more with teamwork than working alone
  • under-commit and over-execute