KBx is the largest cabinet and countertop dealer-distributor organization in America, serving the local, regional and national single-family builder, multi-family property management, and senior, student and military housing markets.

Our Members have access to exclusive supply programs, cost-saving business programs, national purchasing programs, and world-class marketing services, and they leverage these benefits to strengthen their businesses and ultimately create greater value for their customers.

KBx Members are the best of the best. The KBx culture is one of integrity, class and respect. As leaders in the industry, KBx Member companies are often recognized for their unparalleled expertise and their commitment to customer service.

Our Key Values

Our Members all have a shared vision and strategy that encompass these key values:

  • listen first, think second, act last
  • inspect your expectations
  • leadership is action, not position
  • think of innovative ways to solve problems
  • win more with teamwork than working alone
  • under-commit and over-execute